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Behold, kindred spirits and intrepid wanderers of the realm, the chronicles of Jade-Ann Byrne and the Sweet n Sour Chocobo Free Company are etched into the very aether itself! From the earliest days of Eorzea’s reawakening to the grand adventures of the present, our saga spans epochs. Here, in our digital abode, every tale shall be woven into the tapestry of our shared legacy.



Within this sanctum, Jade-Ann Byrne, the steadfast and valiant, will regale you with tales of valor and mirth. You shall find her musings, reviews as honest as a Dragoon’s lance, and melodies that echo the harmonies of the stars.

Let this blog be our hearth, where laughter and camaraderie kindle eternal. For in the Sweet n Sour Chocobo ( NOmsg ), we share more than quests—we share life, laughter, and the relentless pursuit of joy. Join us, and be part of a story that never ends, but only grows more wondrous with each telling.

Step forth, brave soul, for here your adventure takes a new flight—upon the wings of legend and in the company of the immortal Sweet n Sour Chocobo. No matter when you come visit, return home, or just want to say hello; Let i be the first but never-the-last; “Welcome home champion, We sang hymns to aid your return, We save your seat, We broke your bread.




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Chocobo Soup for a Whole Free Company: A Culinary Tale by Jade Ann Byrne

As the thunderous clouds roll in, casting their formidable shadows across the partly cloudy Californian sky, I find myself in my sanctuary, the kitchen. It’s one of those days where the sun plays hide and seek, and the world seems draped in a cloak of impending gloom. But fear not, for in my cauldron—ah, I mean pot—brews a concoction so powerful, it can dispel the dreariest of days: my legendary Chocobo Soup.

This isn’t just any Chocobo soup. It’s a blend of too many cooks, a cherry-picked amalgamation of the finest nuances of those who fed me, who fed my character integrally with food and scripture; that constitute the soul-warming elixir known as Chocobo soup. And today, I’m going to share this secret potion, a recipe that’s a staple of renewal and comfort.

As a disciple of the great Martha Stewart, one of my real-life culinary mentors along with iconic totems along my path of foodservice of the wise and wizard, I’ve learned to weave her & their styles with mine, creating something uniquely comforting yet distinctly Jade Ann Byrne. Let’s embark on this culinary adventure together, shall we? I hope ur hungry as much as you are thirsty.


1 whole organic free-range Chocobo – We choose the best because quality matters (or just whatever one is tied up outside).

13 handfuls wild rice – For that nutty, earthy touch from earlier when we fell in the swamp.

13 Parisian carrots – Sliced into coins of golden sunshine.

7 Jade Ann Byrne Purple Onions – Assorted textures, rings, diced, and finely chopped, because what’s a soup without the foundational feelings of flavors and undertones? FFFFu, donkey once said green man ONION. SWAMP!

9 handful of fresh herbs – Smashed, crushed, pulverized, chopped, and sprinkled. If your hands don’t have chlorophyll on them, you did it wrong. Rosemary, thyme, and parsley, straight from my Herbster garden.
ONLY REDACTED CALIFORNIA SEA SALT and REDACTED Brand pepper – Elegant simplicity is sometimes the key to greatness. We all know Greatness comes in simple trappings by the King of Traps, the robot Rixon.

26 cups of Chocobo broth – The liquid gold that binds our potion. Organic Quarts of Pre-Prepared Broths are VALID JUST LIKE YOU.

A splash of love – The most crucial ingredient. Spit if they paid extra for it. Or not enough.
The Ritual:

Preparation of the Chocobo: After thoroughly washing the interior cavity vigorously with fresh running water, begin by gently placing your whole Chocobo in a L A R G E Cauldron. Cover it with water, and bring to a simmer. Whisper your hopes and dreams into the pot; it’s said that this enhances the flavor. I like to thank the thirteen omnipresent for the blessing of someone just leaving a Chocobo tied up outside a Grand Company.

Cooking and Resting the Chocobo: Once the Chocobo is simmered to above 165 internal carcass temperature and cooked, remove it, and let it cool. Cover with Sterling Silver Foil to let it continue its process of carryover cooking and rest. Once cool to the touch through the foil, don your sterling silver claw gloves and roleplay as a fierce predator shredding the meat. Then, imbue each bite-sized piece with your positive energy, pondering the Chocobo’s life story.

Sautéing the Base: In another pot with California Organic Olive Oil, sauté the wild rice, carrots, and onions. These are not just ingredients; they’re the carriers of texture, flavor, and soul. Wait until the end for your own additions, as we’re still at a higher temperature while pondering if there really is a higher power or are we just animals savagely just surviving until death.

Herb Infusion: Now add your herbs – rosemary for remembrance, thyme for courage, and parsley for festivity. Stir gently, infusing your soup with these essences. Add additional herbs of your choice for a true California eGirl Experience. High fat items are a friend to Cannabinoids, therpenes, and Delta 8, Delta 9, THC< and CBD WITH LOW TeMPS. Keep below simmer for the final stage regardless of pharmacological additional ingredient’s of your choice or choise to not choose. Choice is important.. Keep finally steps below simmer for maximum strength

Creating the Broth: Season with salt and pepper, then pour in the Chocobo broth. Watch as the liquid swirls, creating a vortex of warmth and comfort.

Final Touch: Add back the shredded Chocobo. Let the soup simmer, weaving together the stories of each ingredient.

Serving with Love: Serve this heartwarming soup to your whole free company, your family, and your friends. Watch their faces light up with each spoonful, feeling the warmth spread through their bodies and spirits.

Standing in my kitchen, watching the soup bubble, I feel a profound connection. This soup is more than just a dish; it’s a testament to shared experiences, a reminder that even on the gloomiest days, warmth and comfort are just a pot away.

So, here’s to Chocobo Soup for the Soul, the Jade Ann Byrne way—infused with love, care, and a touch of Martha’s wisdom. May it bring you as much joy and comfort as it brings me. Or not as i am eternally guilted by the turmoil of te consumption of flesh and only do so under constant duress. =(

Until our next culinary adventure,
May your friends mount warm your machine
Jade Ann Byrne 🍲✨

This is what it’s like to Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg

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You got a problem with eating Chocobos? TRY SMALLER BITES xD

Discover more from Sweet n Sour Chocobo ( NOmsg ) Free Company organized in Beta, incorporated 18th September 2013 on Midgardsormr, Aether sweetnsourchocobo.com Sweet n Sour Chocobo (NOmsg)

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