Sweet n Sour Chocobo (NOmsg) Free Company organized in Beta, incorporated 18th September 2013 on Midgardsormr, Aether sweetnsourchocobo.com Sweet n Sour Chocobo (NOmsg)

Behold, kindred spirits and intrepid wanderers of the realm, the chronicles of Jade-Ann Byrne and the Sweet n Sour Chocobo Free Company are etched into the very aether itself! From the earliest days of Eorzea’s reawakening to the grand adventures of the present, our saga spans epochs. Here, in our digital abode, every tale shall be woven into the tapestry of our shared legacy.



Within this sanctum, Jade-Ann Byrne, the steadfast and valiant, will regale you with tales of valor and mirth. You shall find her musings, reviews as honest as a Dragoon’s lance, and melodies that echo the harmonies of the stars.

Let this blog be our hearth, where laughter and camaraderie kindle eternal. For in the Sweet n Sour Chocobo ( NOmsg ), we share more than quests—we share life, laughter, and the relentless pursuit of joy. Join us, and be part of a story that never ends, but only grows more wondrous with each telling.

Step forth, brave soul, for here your adventure takes a new flight—upon the wings of legend and in the company of the immortal Sweet n Sour Chocobo. No matter when you come visit, return home, or just want to say hello; Let i be the first but never-the-last; “Welcome home champion, We sang hymns to aid your return, We save your seat, We broke your bread.




for Sweet n Sour Chocobo ( NOmsg )
e v e r

Come home… We miss you. <3

Meet our team


Jade-Ann Byrne ( White Mage )

Founder, Recruiter
Sweet n Sour Chocobo (NOmsg)

Jade Paladin ( Paladin )

Founder, Recruiter
Sweet n Sour Chocobo (NOmsg)

Step Zero: What is in a name? The Delectable Journey of Sweet n Sour Chocobo : Mixing Humor, Gaming, & Culinary Flair

Hello, wonderful inhabitants of Eorzea and fellow sailors of the great Fanta Sea! Jade Ann Byrne here, your eclectic eGirl. Are any of us even real? Here I am, alive and blending my passion for gaming with a whirlwind of culinary and service industry experience. Preaching the gospel of The Light from drive-thru windows and taking unique office confessions. And let’s not forget about those ‘walk-in freezer’ sins… (Like that time after closing a remote visit store, as the 4th meal manager, dealing with the night closers walking out; a real ‘FIRE ONE! FIRE US ALL’ moment (lol, okay bye). Sucks to be them. Imagine witnessing, from a heavenly perspective, ringing the bell on a nitrous high while receiving aggressively messy head from the assistant store manager vaping her Sativa Delta 9 & THC rig. Or trying to explain the entire chaotic situation to your district manager at precisely 04:07 AM over the phone, detailing the who, what, where, why, when, and how, all while snorting a Ketamine/Cocaine mix off the little spinner morning manager, who’s a Polestar by night. She skipped dancing for dollars to work under me, off the clock since dawn, because she’s a trooper. Uh, me neither.). I like to lead.

Thank you for choosing your local Jade Ann Byrne, home of the eGirl4Rent, How can i feed you today? HUNGRY FACE

Jade Ann Byrne is a multifaceted individual with a dynamic and vibrant personality. Known in the gaming community for her Final Fantasy XIV Free Company, “Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg,” Jade’s story is a tapestry woven from diverse threads. Her background in the food service industry is marked by significant experiences, including orchestrating grand openings for major franchises like Mobile, Citgo, Tilted Kilt, Subway, Taco Bell, and Starbucks. Moonlight shifts in dumpy diners waitressing to 90degree arm service in upscale fine dining and country clubs. Bartending across borders in states countries & international waters. This professional journey is flavored by both the sweet successes and sour challenges she has encountered along the way.

Jade’s roots in dairy farming have instilled in her a strong work ethic and an appreciation for simple, genuine joys. This aspect of her upbringing is reflected in her approach to life and gaming, where she values hard work, community, and a bit of whimsy. Additionally, her admiration for Gene Wilder’s humor is evident in her own playful and intelligent approach to interactions, both in and out of the gaming world.

This unique blend of experiences and influences shapes Jade’s identity, making her a prominent and distinctive figure in her various endeavors. Whether in the fast-paced world of food service or the fantastical realm of Final Fantasy XIV, Jade brings creativity, humor, and a distinctive flair, enriching the experiences of those around her.

1. A Culinary Concoction in Eorzea: The name ‘Sweet n Sour Chocobo’ is not just a whimsical choice; it’s a reflection of my diverse journey in the food industry. Orchestrating grand openings of various eateries like Subway, Tilted Kilt, upscale dining, Taco Bell, Starbucks, and Menards, I’ve always infused creativity and humor into my work. The name mirrors the varied, sometimes contrasting experiences of my career: the sweet successes and the sour challenges. It’s about embracing the unexpected, just like the unlikely but delightful combination of pineapple and peppers. Each aspect of my journey, from fast-paced roles to relaxing moments moonlighting in upscale restaurants and country clubs, or serving in dive diners across seven states, has contributed to this unique blend, much like the diverse and flavorful experiences that life offers.

2. Chocobos in the Kitchen?:

In the vibrant world of FFXIV, chocobos aren’t just loyal steeds to ride, nor are they merely teats to milk or flesh to eat; they symbolize a deeper narrative in our Free Company, Sweet n Sour Chocobo (NOmsg). This name playfully acknowledges the evolving palates and culinary histories of humanity, offering a lighthearted nod to changing food ethics. It’s a reminder of our quirky history and the changing norms in our eating habits, questioning why we cherish some animals while consuming others. Over the years, the name has stirred diverse reactions, mirroring the broader conversation about food choices and ethics. It encourages us to reflect on the complexities and contradictions in our dietary practices, challenging us to think critically about the accepted norms and those we question. playful reminder that what was once common can become a quirky part of history. What was pop culture to condemns those who choose to eat meows, and woofs, and neighs while too raise bawks, moos, oinks, and bleats. Over the decade we have been inundated on the official gmail with a mix of love but mostly hate for the name. Imagine the outrage for those hearts that beat and pump blood and quiver in fear so you may sit at your desk engorged on a formed meat product of a thousands crys.

3. NOmsg – A Pinch of Mystery: HHerein lies the essence of my silent, German-style humor encapsulated in the ‘NOmsg’ tag. It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense approach mirroring life’s binary choices: you’re either in or you’re out, no lengthy explanations required. This tag, reminiscent of ‘NO monosodium glutamate,’ is my wink at the unspoken, yet impactful elements of gaming and life. It’s about embracing the simplicity of being, without the need for justification or over-explanation. In this ethos, we find freedom and a sense of belonging in our unspoken understanding and mutual respect

4. From Farm to Virtual Fields: From the sunlit fields of a dairy farm to the virtual realms of Eorzea, my journey has been one of grit, laughter, and learning. Growing up amidst the rhythms of farm life, where each day was a blend of hard work, life’s stark realities, and the simple joys of nature, I’ve come to appreciate the essence of community and resilience. Gene Wilder’s movies, with their undercurrent of smart, witty humor, have been a guiding light in crafting our Free Company’s spirit. This fusion of farm-taught lessons and comedic genius permeates our in-game world. It’s about more than just playing; it’s about building a space where everyone contributes, where animals (or in our case, chocobos) are nurtured, and where every word, every action, can weave a story enriched by camaraderie. In Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg, we embrace this ethos – a commitment to care, to share, and to find joy in the little things, much like a family working together on a farm, united by a bond that goes beyond the game

“Step into the realm of ‘Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg,’ a haven for not just gamers, but also for those who savor the art of cuisine and the joy of laughter. This unique Free Company transcends the usual gaming experience, offering a slice of the metaverse unfettered by corporate jargon. Here, we embrace the spirit of Final Fantasy’s enduring message, a symphony of life’s varied melodies, playing on repeat until the end of time. Within our ranks on Midgardsormr, we don’t just navigate the virtual landscapes; we celebrate every nuance of life’s journey, savoring each quest and moment, irrespective of the chat being on or off. And yes, for those seeking tranquility, we offer the option to fully disable chat, allowing you to immerse in a serene gaming experience; As the founder of ‘Eat My Cake Records,’ I’m committed to creating a refuge from the sometimes soulless grasp of the music industry. This venture is more than just a label; it’s a guiding light for the uninitiated, imbued with an ethos of empowerment and self-sufficiency. My experiences have taught me that while many paths in the industry appear conventional, they are instrumental in ascent – even when faced with adversity. I extend my ladder to those climbing after me, offering a beacon of hope and a testament to resilience in an industry known for its trials.

I bring this same spirit to ‘Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg.’ It’s about being bold, unapologetic, and having fun in the process. Remember, your critics will often be the loudest, but your true fans may sometimes sit silently aside.

“Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg” is not just a Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV; it’s a vibrant community where gamers, culinary enthusiasts, and humor-lovers unite. Here, the essence of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy resonates – a theme of unity in diversity, echoing through our virtual halls. Our Free Company on Midgardsormr embodies this spirit, providing a haven for adventurers from all walks of life. We celebrate life’s varied experiences in-game and beyond, whether engaging in epic quests, sharing culinary creations, or just having a good laugh together. This space is a sliver of the metaverse where imagination reigns, minus the corporate jargon. It’s a sanctuary for dreamers, freelancers, and anyone seeking a moment of escapism or camaraderie. With us, you can savor each moment of your journey in Eorzea, chat enabled or not (yes, you can even turn it off!). So join us, and let’s make the most of every shared adventure in this grand and diverse world of Final Fantasy.

In your journey with “Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg,” you’re not just a participant in the virtual world of Final Fantasy; you’re part of a diverse community celebrating life’s intricate tapestry. Whether a gamer, a culinary aficionado, or someone who revels in good humor, this Free Company is your haven. Imagine it as a corner of the Metaverse, free from corporate lingo, where the essence of Final Fantasy by Square Enix thrives – a message of unity and adventure resonating endlessly.

Here, in “Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg,” every member is a freelancer, a free spirit regardless of their role in-game. Some are veterans, treading farther and longer, while others are just starting. All, however, find a restful inn and a welcoming feast. It’s a sanctuary for those who dream beyond conventional boundaries, a slice of the Metaverse untainted by corporate labels.

We’re not just about playing Final Fantasy on Midgardsormr; we’re about savoring life in all its flavors. We embrace every quest, cherish each moment, chat or no chat (yes, you can totally turn off chat!). It’s about coming together to enjoy the game of life, sweet and sour in equal measure.

So, consider this an open call to join our unique blend of gamers, food lovers, and humor enthusiasts. Embark on a journey filled with unexpected delights, hearty laughs, and unforgettable adventures. At “Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg,” we celebrate the game of life, one surprising, loving, and caring moment at a time. Bring your sense of wonder, your appetite for the unknown, and your passion for caring for complete strangers you may never meet. Let’s make every moment count.

Stay zesty, Jade Ann Byrne 🍽️🎮🌟Read The Blog on The Lodestone

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