Sweet n Sour Chocobo (NOmsg) Free Company organized in Beta, incorporated 18th September 2013 on Midgardsormr, Aether sweetnsourchocobo.com Sweet n Sour Chocobo (NOmsg)

Behold, kindred spirits and intrepid wanderers of the realm, the chronicles of Jade-Ann Byrne and the Sweet n Sour Chocobo Free Company are etched into the very aether itself! From the earliest days of Eorzea’s reawakening to the grand adventures of the present, our saga spans epochs. Here, in our digital abode, every tale shall be woven into the tapestry of our shared legacy.



Within this sanctum, Jade-Ann Byrne, the steadfast and valiant, will regale you with tales of valor and mirth. You shall find her musings, reviews as honest as a Dragoon’s lance, and melodies that echo the harmonies of the stars.

Let this blog be our hearth, where laughter and camaraderie kindle eternal. For in the Sweet n Sour Chocobo ( NOmsg ), we share more than quests—we share life, laughter, and the relentless pursuit of joy. Join us, and be part of a story that never ends, but only grows more wondrous with each telling.

Step forth, brave soul, for here your adventure takes a new flight—upon the wings of legend and in the company of the immortal Sweet n Sour Chocobo. No matter when you come visit, return home, or just want to say hello; Let i be the first but never-the-last; “Welcome home champion, We sang hymns to aid your return, We save your seat, We broke your bread.




for Sweet n Sour Chocobo ( NOmsg )
e v e r

Come home… We miss you. <3

Meet our team


Jade-Ann Byrne ( White Mage )

Founder, Recruiter
Sweet n Sour Chocobo (NOmsg)

Jade Paladin ( Paladin )

Founder, Recruiter
Sweet n Sour Chocobo (NOmsg)

Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg Privacy Policy

Welcome to the enchanting digital realm of Sweet n Sour Chocobo NOmsg, where the magic of privacy and the art of digital protection are as revered as the ancient spells of Eorzea. 🌟✨

Hanging Out in the Lavender Haze Passing The Ocean Grown Smokin’ Lavender Herbster is Paladin Jade & (O)Gm X deep in The Dungeon of Sweet n Sour Chocobo ( NOmsg ) Basement 2 ( Gamemaster Jail )

🛡️ Who We Are
In the lands of https://sweetnsourchocobo.com, we weave tales of adventure and safeguard your digital footprints with the wisdom of Paladin Jade Ann Byrne.

📜 Comments & Interactions
Your words in our realm are etched in starlight, guarded by Paladin Jade’s valiant spirit. Rest assured, only the whispers of the wind carry your digital echoes.

🌐 Cookies & Spells
Our magical cookies remember your valiant name and fortress (email) for a year, making your return journeys seamless.

🔮 Embedded Content from Other Realms
Our scrolls may include mystical content from distant lands, each with its own magical laws.

🏰 Data Sharing and Protection
Fear not, for your sacred data is shared only with the wind’s whisper, under the vigilant watch of Paladin Jade.

📚 Your Rights in This Enchanted Land
Should you wish to uncover the treasures of your journey or erase your digital footprints, send a raven to our wise scribes at [[email protected]].

🌌 A Journey of Privacy and Valor
Join us in a world where digital valor, enchanting adventures, and the protective spells of Paladin Jade intertwine to create a safer, more fantastical universe.

May your journey in Sweet n Sour Chocobo be as enchanting as the legends of Eorzea! 🌠✨